The Stage of Horror Book Trailer

Welcome to the Stage of Horror. Here, you will examine many of the fears that make your hair stand on end and your heart race. It may surprise you to know humans and supernatural beings have a lot in common; one being that they both could do some very horrific things. Witness six acts of horror on one stage. A hospice worker examines if people know they’re going to die before they do, and if they were given signs to warn them ahead of time in Dead End. After witnessing a drowning, Jimmy Wagoner imagines what it would be like to uncover a crime and be deemed a hero for his efforts. He’s even willing to go as far as killing in order to make that happen in Imagine. Mildred Grey won’t stop at anything to get Sara’s secret to maple tree tapping even if it means ignoring Sara’s dire warning about the malevolent shadow people in Grey Maple. Plus, three other tales to give you nightmares.

Source: YouTube