Blood in the Snow 2013: “DEAD RUSH” & “MR. SPONTANEOUS” (Short Film Reviews)


Toronto’s Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival is underway within the Short Film Showcase are a pair of pictures by emerging talents that are well worth taking in. While all are worthy, these two in particular strongly stood out. DEAD RUSH (2013) Dir: Zachary Ramelan You wake up on the cold tiles of a […]


Toronto! See “SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT” on December 20th!


Famed TIFF “Midnight Madness” programmer and Toronto cinema culture gadfly Colin Geddes is teaming up with FANGORIA, Brainstorm Media and Screenvision to roll out the notorious 1984 Santa slasher SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT for one night only on December 20th at 11:30 p.m.! The screening will go down at the legendary The Royal Cinema, situated […]


Blood in the Snow 2013: Zach Ramelan Talks Zombie Short, “DEAD RUSH”


Premiering at Toronto-based and Fango and TIFF-approved Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival tomorrow as part of its short film program, is DEAD RUSH. Filmmaker Zach Ramelan’s breakneck first person zombie assault is a blood dripping bit of mayhem that is as much an exercise in terror as it is a textbook case how […]


First Look: Bruce McDonald’s “HELLIONS”


Last week, FANGORIA visited the set of HELLIONS, Bruce McDonald’s upcoming Halloween-themed feature that has fans of PONTYPOOL excited for his return to horror. There, we chatted with the director as well as star Chloe Rose (DARKNET) and recent addition Robert Patrick (TERMINATOR 2) about the chiller and got a special glimpse of the unique […]


Toronto: Top Five Flicks to Catch at Blood in the Snow 2013


The second year of fledgling Canadian horror film festival BLOOD IN THE SNOW is upon us, running from Friday November 29th – December 1st in Toronto at the legendary Carlton Cinemas, nestled beside the now dormant Maple Leaf Gardens. The event is co-sponsored by FANGORIA, Anchor Bay Canada and endorsed by the Toronto International Film […]