Official Trailer: Eli Roth’s “THE GREEN INFERNO”


The official trailer for Eli Roth’s riff on the cannibal film is here. Going by my email, the full trailer for the highly anticipated cannibal film from Eli Roth, THE GREEN INFERNO, dropped earlier this afternoon. I was playing Ghosts ‘N Goblins and drinking beer at a bar/arcade (or, Barcade), if I’m honest. Still, you […]


Zombies, golden vampires, “RINGU” director’s latest and more at New York Asian Film Festival


The complete lineup of the 2014 New York Asian Film Festival has been announced, and as usual, there are supernatural shenanigans sprinkled among the martial arts, gunplay and other attractions. Among the movies being presented at the fest, presented by the Film Society of Lincoln Center and Subway Cinema in association with Japan Society from […]


Shadowvision: “From Dusk Till Dawn”


Welcome to Shadowvision, a regular column in which revisits modern horror films in black-and-white. The purpose is to analyze these films through a new lens, seeing if the classically informed viewing experience will give a new angle to familiar images. If you’d like to watch along at home, it’s simple: go into your TV settings […]


True Grue: The Story of Alfred Packer, The “Maneater” of Colorado


Welcome to “True Grue,” a weekly article that dives into real life, harrowing horrors. For the interest of good taste, this graphic feature aims not to be exploitative, but rather informative, and rest assured, there are many different territories that will be strictly off-limits. But for those with a hungry mind and a strong stomach, read […]


Contest: Full Moon Wants Your Head


In anticipation of their brand new, Scream Queen-assembling weekly web series TROPHY HEADS (of which we premiered the trailer yesterday) Full Moon Features wants your head. The company is looking to mount fans’ heads, just like they’ve already mounted Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens and even Charles Band’s! Playing off the art for TROPHY HEADS, Full Moon […]


iPhone “RECOVERY” Leads to Terror in New Tech-Horror


Kirby Bliss Blanton and Samuel Larsen will lead RECOVERY, a film that plans to expand everyone’s fear of their iPhone getting stolen into something far worse. In RECOVERY, Blanton’s character has her iPhone stolen on the night of her high school graduation. It’s tracked down with a “find my iPhone” app to a house where […]